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Garbage Disposal Services

Garbage Disposal Repair Services For Lafayette, IN

Having a garbage disposal in the kitchen can be a tremendous help in staying clean and organized. Unfortunately, this powerful appliance has to work under harsh conditions, so you may have to provide maintenance or repair over time.

When your garbage disposal stops working, however, you quickly realize how helpful it is- saving time, hassle, and money by disposing of food waste without having to take it outside. It may not always seem like it on the surface, but ensuring your disposal is in top shape can make a surprisingly big difference in the kitchen.

5 Signs That Your Garbage Disposal Is Malfunctioning

If you’re like most homeowners, your garbage disposal is one of your kitchen’s most frequently used appliances. With all that use, it’s not surprising that sometimes it can start to malfunction. Fortunately, some common signs indicate when garbage disposal needs repair or replacement.

1. Grinding Problems: One of the most common signs that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning is if it doesn’t grind properly, but the motor keeps humming. If this happens, you may also notice grinding noises that are louder than usual.

This could be a sign of an issue with the motor or wiring and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the unit.

2. On and Off Behaviour: If your garbage disposal starts running but then shuts off before you turn it off, this could be another sign of an issue with the motor or wiring and should be checked out by a professional immediately.

3. Leaks Below The Disposal: Another symptom of malfunctioning garbage disposal is leaking below the unit, which can signal a faulty seal, causing water to escape inside the unit. This can cause water damage to surrounding areas, so it is essential to promptly address any leaks by calling a professional for assistance.

4. Slow Draining: In addition to leaking water, if you notice that water does not drain quickly from your sink when using the garbage disposal, this could indicate clogs or other blockages within the system which need to be cleared away for the proper functioning of your appliance.

5. Burning Smell Coming From The Unit: Finally, if you notice a burning smell coming from your unit, this could mean that something has become jammed inside and is now stuck in between blades or other components, which is causing friction resulting in heat build-up and a burning odor from within the unit itself.

If any of these issues occur, check the circuit breaker first—there may be a separate circuit breaker on the disposal itself that looks like a red “reset” button. If resetting the circuit breaker works and solves your issue, then great!

However, if your garbage disposal continues to trip the breaker—or resetting does nothing—there is likely an underlying electrical issue that requires professional attention.

Anderson Plumbing: The Best Garbage Disposal Repair Services

At Anderson Plumbing in Lafayette, IN, our experienced and licensed technicians are here to help you with your garbage disposal needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your kitchen back up and running quickly, from repairs to replacement installations.

Don’t let a complex repair slow down your day! Our experts understand how important it is for a functioning home garbage disposal unit and can provide lasting results. Let the professionals at Anderson Plumbing handle the job for you – contact us today (765-414-2080)!