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Water Filtration

Water Filtration Services For Lafayette, IN

Water is one of those things that we expect to be safe and clean when we run it through the tap. After all, we drink that water and use that water for many purposes. But the truth is that our water supply can contaminate all sorts of impurities, from bacteria and viruses to chemicals and heavy metals.

With that said, that’s why do we need a working water filter to filter out all those impurities. How do you know that yours isn’t working? Look at the signs below to see if you have a water filter problem in your home.

Signs That Your Water Filter Is Not Working

Water filters are supposed to filter out all the bad things so that your home can access safe, clean drinking water. But when it’s not functioning correctly, here’s what can happen:

  • Water pressure problems: If you’ve noticed that the water pressure in your house is lower than usual, it’s possible that your filter is clogged and not doing its job properly. This can happen when the filter gets filled up with impurities and can’t filter the water as well.
  • It smells and tastes weird: If you’ve had a water filter installed to improve the taste of your water and you’re still not happy with it, then something might be wrong with the filter.
  • Discoloration: Water shouldn’t be cloudy, or any other color for that matter. This means if you see that, you don’t want to use it and you’ll need to get it checked out as soon as you can!
  • Leaking: If you notice any leaks around your water filter, that’s a problem. Not only is it wasting water, but it can also mean that the filter isn’t working properly and needs to be fixed.
  • Strange Noises: If you’re hearing any strange noises coming from your water filter, it’s worth checking. Sometimes a loud gurgling noise can mean that the filter is clogged and needs to be replaced.

If you are experiencing these issues, it may be time for a new water filter. Anderson Plumbing can help install your whole house water filter so that you can have safe and clean water for your household again.

Here’s how the process generally goes for installing whole-house water filters:

We check your water supply to see if the filter is indeed the issue. This means we look for impurities and we will determine right then and there what kind of filter you need.

  • We will then prepare the main water line.
  • After that, we proceed to install the filter that your house needs.
  • We then connect the filter to the water supply, so at this point, the water supply will be turned on and off to test the filter.
  • After determining that the filter is working, we will clean up and dispose of all the materials that were used in installing the filter.

If you suspect that your water filter isn’t working, please give us a call today at (765) 414-2080 so we can help you get safe, clean, drinking water again.